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Alkaline Earth Metal Ions

Alkaline earth metal ions can be analyzed using IC Y-521 with a tartaric acid/ethylene-diamine eluent. Using this eluent, other divalent cations also elute and their retention times are shown on the graph by arrows. After a long use of this eluent, it will be difficult to change to a nitric acid eluent. Therefore, the use of a column exclusively for the analysis of alkali metal ions is recommended and another for alkaline earth metal ions when both type of analysises are performed routinely.

Sample : 10µL

1. Ni2+ 50mg/L

2. Mg2+ 20mg/L

3. Mn2+ 50mg/L

4. Ca2+ 50mg/L

Column : Shodex IC Y-521 (4.6mmID*150mm)
Eluent : 4mM Tartaric acid + 2mM Ethylenediamine aq.
Flow rate : 1.0mL/min
Detector : Shodex CD, Polarity(-)
Column temp. : 40°C