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Alkylamines (2) (YK-421) (Phosphoric Acid + Acetonitrile)

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Alkylamines were analyzed using IC YK-421. It is possible to analyze alkylamines with short time and high sensitively, when acetonitrile was added to the eluent. Because hydrophobic cations (ex. Alkylamines) are eluted earlier with the addition of acetnitile to the eluent. Phosphate eluent is suitable for the analysis.

Sample : 50micro-L
1. 5mg/L NH4+
2. 5mg/L Methylamine, MA
3. 5mg/L Dimethylamine, DMA
4. 10mg/L Trimethylamine, TMA
5. 10mg/L Ethylamine, EA
6. 10mg/L Propylamine, PA
7. 10mg/L Butylamine, BA

 Column : Shodex IC YK-421 (4.6mmID*125mm)
 Eluent : 4mM H3PO4 aq. + 10% CH3CN 
 Flow rate : 1.0mL/min
 Detector : Conductivity
 Column temp. : 25°C