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Anion Standards (16) (NI-424: Phthalic Acid aq. Eluent)

Seven kinds of anions can be separated using IC NI-424 with phthalic acid eluent. Peak height of anions with phthalic acid eluent were around twice higher than chromatogram with hydroxybenzoic acid eluent. On the other hand, anions with phthalic acid eluent were eluted earlier then these peaks from H2PO4 to NO3 were closer each other.

Sample :

1. H2PO4

2. F

3. Cl

4. NO2

5. Br

6. NO3

7. SO42-

Column : Shodex IC NI-424 (4.6mmID*100mm)
Eluent : (A) ; 8mM 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid + 2.8mM Bis-Tris + 2mM Phenylboronic acid + 5µM *CyDTA aq.
(B) ; 2.1mM Phthalic acid + 2.9mM Amino-n-capronic acid + 6mM Phenylboronic acid aq.
Flow rate : 1.0mL/min
Detector : Shodex CD
Column temp. : 40°C