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Anion Standards (7) (Anions and Organic Acids)

Seven anions were separated using anion chromatography column IC I-524A. This method uses low concentration of phthalic acid for the mobile phase compared to the method Anion Standards (6) (I-524A). This method is suitable for the separation of diprotic, triprotic organic acid, and inorganic acids simultaneously.

Sample : 30µL

1. H2PO4 20mg/L

2. F 2.5mg/L

3. Cl 2.5mg/L

4. NO2 5mg/L

5. Br 5mg/L

6. NO3 5mg/L

7. SO42- 5mg/L

8. Malic acid 20mg/L

9. Oxalic acid 20mg/L

10. Fumaric acid 20mg/L

11. Citric acid 20mg/L

Column : Shodex IC I-524A (4.6mmID*100mm)
Eluent : 1.5mM Phthalic acid + 1.38mM Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane + 300mM Boric acid aq.
Flow rate : 1.2mL/min
Detector : Shodex CD
Column temp. : 40°C