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GPC Cleanup of Samples for Pesticide Analysis (EPA 3640)

A new method was developed to satisfy EPA 3640 GPC cleanup and pesticide analysis. This method fully replaces the traditional glass-packed column described in the EPA method as well as the discontinued Envirosep ABC column (discontinued in 2014). Instead, a combination of H-2002 GPC column and EV-G guard column is used for cleanup and separation of the pesticides.

Retention times on both columns was longer than the expected 30 minutes, but the Shodex GPC column showed a 2.5 to 3-minute shorter overall retention time for the sulfur peak, allowing the run time per injection to be comfortably within 40 minutes.

Data and report by Toni Hofhine, Gilson, Inc. 2013.



1. Corn Oil 2. Phthalate 3. Methoxychlor 4. Perylene 5. Sulfur (2.5 mL injection)
Column : H-2002 (20.0 mm ID x 500 mm) and EV-G (20.0 mm ID x 100 mm)
 Eluent : Methylene chloride (dichloromethane)
 Flow rate : 5.0 mL/min
 Detector : UV 254 nm
 Column temp. : 25°C (ambient)