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Rapid Analysis of Oxyhalides and Anions using SI-35 4D

Please use this column with suppressor type ion chromatography system.

The analytical performance of Shodex IC SI-35 4D (a column for rapid oxyhalides analysis) was compared to the existing oxyhalides-analysis column, SI-52 4E.
The analysis time required by SI-35 4D is only one half of SI-52 4E‘s analysis time.

Sample :

(SI-35 4D) 20micro-L

(SI-52 4E) 50micro-L

1. F (2mg/L)

2. ClO2 (1mg/L)

3. BrO3 (1mg/L)

4. Cl (10mg/L)

5. NO2 (5mg/L)

6. Br (10mg/L)

7. ClO3 (1mg/L)

8. NO3 (30mg/L)

9. PO43- (15mg/L)

10. SO42- (40mg/L)

Column : (Left) Shodex IC SI-35 4D (4.0mmID*150mm)
(Right) Shodex IC SI-52 4E (4.0mmID*250mm)
Eluent : 3.6mM Na2CO3 aq.
Flow rate : (Left) 0.6mL/min
(Right) 0.8mL/min
Detector : Suppressed conductivity
Column temp. : 45°C