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Polymer-based GFC Columns for Light Scattering: OHpak LB-800

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Product Name exclusion limit pullulanmals noise vparticle size umplate number tp columnpore size maximumshipping solventsize i d x length mmtarget mw rangepriceBuy Now
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OHpak LB-8041,000,000<5.0 x 10E510>16,0002,000H₂O8.0 x 3005,000-400,000
OHpak LB-8054,000,000<5.0 x 10E513>12,0007,000H₂O8.0 x 300100,000-1,000,000
OHpak LB-802.510,000<5.0 x 10E56>16,000200H₂O8.0 x 300500-10,000
OHpak LB-80620,000,000<5.0 x 10E513>12,00015,000H₂O8.0 x 300100,000-20,000,000
OHpak LB-803100,000<5.0 x 10E56>16,000800H₂O8.0 x 3001,000 - 100,000
OHpak LB-806M20,000,000<5.0 x 10E513>12,00015,000H₂O8.0 x 300200 - 20,000,000
OHpak LB-G 6B--13(Guard column) NA-H₂O8.0 x 300-
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