A rigid, spherical styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer, 3 to 30 µm in diameter.

Click on the desired series to see the available products. Individual RSpak series columns and specifications are available in the table below. Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions.
KF Series (THF solvent)
KF Rapid Analysis & High Performance Series (THF solvent)
K Series (Chloroform solvent)
KD Series (DMF solvent)
HFIP Series (Hexafluoroisopropanol solvent)
HFIP Rapid Analysis Series (Hexafluoroisopropanol solvent)
LF Linear Calibration Series (THF solvent)
HT, AT & UT for High Temperature & Ultra High Temperature Series (Toluene solvent)

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Product Name in column solventmax pressuremax usable flow rateparticle sizeph rangeplate numberpore size averagesalt concsizetemperature rangeacetonitrilemethanolthftoluene chloroform etcwater solutionprice
RSpak DS-413H₂O/CH₃CN/THF (40/30/30)201.03.51 to 13>11,000200< 0.54.6 x 15020 to 50-----Click here to register
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RSpak DS-613H₂O/CH₃CN/THF (30/40/30)103.062 to 12>6,500200< 0.56.0 x 150RT to 80-----Click here to register
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RSpak RP18-413H₂O221.03.51 to 13>11,000200< 0.54.6 x 150RT to 5010 to 100%30 to 100%5 to 100%0 to 50%cannot use 100% Water solusitonClick here to register
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