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  1. LC/MS Analysis of Glyphosate and Its Related Compound
  2. LC/MS Analysis of Various Hydrophilic Compounds Using HILIC Mode and Alkaline Eluent
  3. LC/MS Analysis of Oligonucleotides
  4. LC/MS Analysis of Various Low-Molecular Weight Cationic Compounds Using HILIC Mode
  5. LC/MS Analysis of Phosphorylated Saccharides
  6. LC/MS Analysis of Oligonucleic Acid Modifications

Size Exclusion

  1. GFC – Analysis of Aggregates and Additives in Antibody Drugs
  2. GFC – Purification and SEC/Mals Analysis of Norovirus Virus-Like Particles
  3. GPC – Ultra-Rapid Analysis of High Molecular Weight Compounds
  4. GPC-  Analysis of Polymer Additives by GPC/MALS
  5. New – SEC Analysis of Exosomes (EV) by Combination of UV, Florescence, and Light Scattering
  6. New – Analysis of Indigestible Dextrin


  1. HILIC – Analysis of Various Oligosaccharides
  2. HILIC – Analysis of Functional Sugars in Foods

Polymer RP and Mixed Modes

  1. Mixed HPLC Analysis of Antidiabetic Drugs
  2. Cation Ultra-Rapid Analysis of Proteins by Cation Exchange Chromatography
  3. Mixed Analysis of Functional Ingredients in Dietary Supplements
  4. Mixed Evaluating the Freshness of Fish Flesh Using the K Value
  5. New Rapid Analysis of Sugars, Organic Acids, and Alcohols
  6. New Analysis of Functional Ingredients (Anit-Obesity Agents) in Beverages and Foods

Conference Poster

ASMS 2024

  1. LC-MS/MS analysis of comprehensive PFAS including EPA method 1633 list and ultrashort chain PFAA

ASMS 2023

  1. Simultaneous LC/MS Analysis of Ultra-Short Through Long Chain PFAS Compounds
     (C1-C10) in Industrial and Ground Water

ASMS 2022

  1. LC/MS Analysis of Ultra-Short Through Long Chain PFAS Compounds (C1-C10) Using Multi-Modal Chromatography

Pittcon & ASMS 2021

  1. LC/MS Method Development for Various Oligonucleotide Types by Polymer HILIC (without ion-pairing)
  2. Purification and SEC/MALS Analysis of norovirus Virus-Like Particles

Pittcon 2020

  1. Analysis of Inorganic Anions Using the New Hydroxide-Selective Column_(SI-36)
  2. Direct Surfactant Analysis for Antibody Drug and DAR Analysis for ADC Using Polymer-Based Reverse Phase Column (ODP2 HP)

Pittcon 2019

  1. Rapid Analysis of Aggregates in Antibody Drugs by a Novel SEC column
  2. Direct LC/MS Analysis of Surfactants in Antibody Drugs using a Polymer-based Reversed Phase Column

Pittcon 2018 & ASMS 2018

  1. LC/MS Analysis of Oligonucleotides using a New Polymer-Based HILIC Column Having a Diol Group
  2. Rapid Analysis of Low Molecular Weight to High Molecular Weight Polymers by Novel GPC Columns

Pittcon 2017 & ASMS 2017

  1. Simultaneous LC/MS analysis of saccharides, organic acids, and amino acids with using polymer-based HILIC column under alkaline condition
  2. LC/MS Analysis of Various Compounds Having Amino or Ammonium Groups with Using New Polymer-based HILIC Column for Cations
  3. Development of GFC column for Antibody Drug Analysis
  4. Rapid Measurement of Molecular Weight by a Novel GPC Column

Pittcon 2016 & ASMS 2016 & HPLC 2016

  1. High sensitive LC/MS analysis of stevia sweeteners using polymer-based amino column
  2. Investigation of reverse-phase – HILIC continuous analysis using a one column

ASMS 2015

Pittcon 2015 & 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

  1. New GFC Columns for Low Baseline Noise MALS Analysis
  2. Separation of Lactose, Lactulose and Epilactose by a new HILIC column
  3. LC/MS analysis of various anionic substances using polymer-based multimode column

Pittcon 2014 & HPLC 2014

  1. LC/UV/MS analysis of monitoring bioethanol manufacturing process with using polymer-based multi-solvent SEC column
  2. A new saccharide analysis column for Charged Aerosol Detector
  3. LC/MS analysis of choline and acetylcholine in living organisms with using polymer-based cation IC column

Pittcon 2013

  1. LC/MS analysis of hydrophilic compounds by a polymer-based amino HILIC column
  2. LC/MS analysis of hydrophilic compounds in biological fluid by a polymer-based reversed-phase column

Seminar & Webinars

  1. Multimodal PFAS Analysis (coming soon)

New Application Notebooks

    1. Separation Modes
    2. Saccharides and Organic Acids
    3. Proteins, Peptides & Amino Acids (Coming soon)
    4. Chiral Compounds and Metabolites
    5. Vitamins, Hormones, Lipids & Neurotransmitters

LCGC Articles

  1. Rapid SUGAR Series: Rapid Fermentation Monitoring and Sourdough Cultures (PDF)
  2. Shodex HILICpak VT-50 2D: A HILIC + Anion Exchange HPLC Column for Polar Pesticide Analysis including Glyphosate by Leah Block Sullivan
  3. Shodex HILICpak VC-50: A Unique Multimodal Column for Polar Anionic Substances including Neurotransmitter Analysis  by Leah Block Sullivan
  4. New SEC Column to be Used with MALS by Leah Block
  5. Advantages of Shodex NH2P Series, Polymer-Based Amino HILIC Column, Over Silica-Based Amino HILIC Columns by Kanna Ito
  6. A New HILIC Column for Saccharide Analysis by Melissa Turcotte and Naoya Nakajima
  7. Separation of Lactulose and Epilactose by By Melissa Turcotte, Satoko Sakai, February 2015, The Application Notebook
  8. Shodex™_HPLC_approach_for_biomass_related_analysis by Kanna Ito
  9. PIKESS Analysis – 30X Faster & Fully Compatible with HPLC & UHPLC Instruments

White Papers

  1. Simultaneous analysis of ten water-soluble vitamins using DE-413L  (2018)
  2. Hydrophillic Compound Analysis with HILICpak Series (2018)
  3. LC/MS Analysis of Oligonucleotides without Derivatization  (2018)
  4. Analysis of antibody drug and its additive (2018)
  5. LCMS analysis of glyphosate and its related compounds (2018)
  6. Direct Analysis of Glyphosate and Other Similar Polar Pesticides in Various Food Matrices by Dimple Shah, Benjamin Wuyts, et al., 2016
  7. Direct Analysis of Glyphosate and Similar Polar Pesticides in Oatmeal by UHPLC-MS/MS by Li-Zhong Yang, Zhuo Man, Xiangdong Zhou (Perkin-Elmer) and Feng Qin (Perkin-Elmer, Inc. Canada), 2016)
  8. Determination of Proteins and Carbohydrates by 2D HPLC (RPLC and HILIC) with Charged Aerosol and Ultraviolet Detection by Marc Plante, Bruce Bailey, Qi Zhang, David Thomas (Thermo Scientific, presented at the Eastern Analytical Symposium, 2015)
  9. Protein Analysis by GFC: KW-800 and KW-400 HPLC Columns (2013)
  10. PIKESS Analysis – 30X Faster & Fully Compatible with HPLC & UHPLC Instruments (2010)

Libros de Applicaciones

C.T. #2 Shodex Analisis de Sacaridos Columna NH2P-50

C.T. #3 Analisis de Alimentos con Columns Shodex

C.T. #6 Shodex Columnas de series ODP2 HP

C.T. #7 Proteinas y Peptidos con las Columnas Shodex

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