ASMS 2022

  1. LC/MS analysis of ultra-short through long chain PFAS compounds (C1-C10) using multi-modal chromatography

Pittcon & ASMS 2021

  1. LC/MS Method Development for Various Oligonucleotide Types by Polymer HILIC (without ion-pairing)
  2. Purification and SEC/MALS Analysis of norovirus Virus-Like Particles

Pittcon 2020

  1. Analysis of Inorganic Anions Using the New Hydroxide-Selective Column_(SI-36)
  2. Direct Surfactant Analysis for Antibody Drug and DAR Analysis for ADC Using Polymer-Based Reverse Phase Column (ODP2 HP)

Pittcon 2019

  1. Rapid Analysis of Aggregates in Antibody Drugs by a Novel SEC column
  2. Direct LC/MS Analysis of Surfactants in Antibody Drugs using a Polymer-based Reversed Phase Column

Pittcon 2018 & ASMS 2018

  1. LC/MS Analysis of Oligonucleotides using a New Polymer-Based HILIC Column Having a Diol Group
  2. Rapid Analysis of Low Molecular Weight to High Molecular Weight Polymers by Novel GPC Columns

Pittcon 2017 & ASMS 2017

  1. Simultaneous LC/MS analysis of saccharides, organic acids, and amino acids with using polymer-based HILIC column under alkaline condition
  2. LC/MS Analysis of Various Compounds Having Amino or Ammonium Groups with Using New Polymer-based HILIC Column for Cations
  3. Development of GFC column for Antibody Drug Analysis
  4. Rapid Measurement of Molecular Weight by a Novel GPC Column

Pittcon 2016 & ASMS 2016 & HPLC 2016

  1. High sensitive LC/MS analysis of stevia sweeteners using polymer-based amino column
  2. Investigation of reverse-phase – HILIC continuous analysis using a one column

ASMS 2015

Pittcon 2015 & 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

  1. New GFC Columns for Low Baseline Noise MALS Analysis
  2. Separation of Lactose, Lactulose and Epilactose by a new HILIC column
  3. LC/MS analysis of various anionic substances using polymer-based multimode column

Pittcon 2014 & HPLC 2014

  1. LC/UV/MS analysis of monitoring bioethanol manufacturing process with using polymer-based multi-solvent SEC column
  2. A new saccharide analysis column for Charged Aerosol Detector
  3. LC/MS analysis of choline and acetylcholine in living organisms with using polymer-based cation IC column

Pittcon 2013

  1. LC/MS analysis of hydrophilic compounds by a polymer-based amino HILIC column
  2. LC/MS analysis of hydrophilic compounds in biological fluid by a polymer-based reversed-phase column
  1. Multimodal PFAS Analysis (coming soon)

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