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Sugar and Organic Acid Rapid Analysis

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Product Name counter ionexclusion limit pullulanin column solventmax pressure mpamax usable flow rate ml minparticle size umplate number tp columnrecommended flow rateseparation modesize i d x length mmtemperature range cpriceBuy Now
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SUGAR SH1011 8CH+1,000H₂O51.56>10,0000.5 to 1.0SEC+IEX8.0 x 100< 95
SUGAR SP0810 8CPb2+1,000H₂O31.07>11,0000.5 to 1.0SEC+LEX8.0 x 100< 95
SUGAR SC1011 8CCa2+1,000H₂O41.56>13,0000.5 to 1.0SEC+LEX8.0 x 100< 95
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