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Ligand Exchange & Ion Exclusion: SUGAR & USPpak

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Product Name counter ionin column solventparticle size umplate number tp columnseparation modesize i d x length mmtemperature range cexclusion limit pullulanmax pressure mpamax usable flow rate ml minrecommended flow ratefunctional groupshipping solventpriceBuy Now
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SUGAR SP-G 6BPb2+H₂O10-(Guard column)6.0 x 50-------
SUGAR SH1011H+H₂O6>17,000SEC+IEX8.0 x 300< 951,00051.50.5 to 1.0--
SUGAR SH1821H+H₂O6>17,000SEC+IEX8.0 x 300< 9510,00051.50.5 to 1.0--
SUGAR SC1011Ca2+H₂O6>13,000SEC+LEX8.0 x 300< 951,00041.50.5 to 1.0--
SUGAR SP0810Pb2+H₂O7>11,000SEC+LEX8.0 x 300< 951,00031.00.5 to 1.0--
SUGAR SH-G-H₂O10-(Guard column)6.0 x 50-------
SUGAR SC-G 6BPb2+H₂O10-(Guard column)6.0 x 50-------
USPpak MN-431--8--4.0 x 250-----Sulfo (Na+)H₂O
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