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KF Series: Organic GPC in THF

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Product Name columns used togetherexclusion limit polystyrenein column solventmax usable temperatureparticle size umsize i d x length mmplate number tp columnpore size maximumtarget mw rangepriceBuy Now
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GPC KF-800DKF-805L ,KF-806L(Solvent peak separation)THF60108.0 x 100---
GPC KF-801-1,500THF-68.0 x 300>18,00050100-700
GPC KF-802-5,000THF-68.0 x 300>18,000150300-3,000
GPC KF-802.5-20,000THF-68.0 x 300>18,000300300-8,000
GPC KF-803-70,000THF-68.0 x 300>18,0005001,000-50,000
GPC KF-803L-70,000THF-68.0 x 300>18,000500100-50,000
GPC KF-804-400,000THF-78.0 x 300>18,0001,5007,000-300,000
GPC KF-804L-400,000THF-78.0 x 300>18,0001,500100-300,000
GPC KF-805-4,000,000THF-108.0 x 300>11,0005,00050,000-2,000,000
GPC KF-805L-4,000,000THF-108.0 x 300>11,0005,000300-2,000,000
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