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Multi-Mode Columns (for LC/MS)

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Product Name base materialfunctional groupin column solventmax pressure mpamax usable flow rate ml minparticle size umph rangeplate number tp columnpore size average asalt conc msize i d x length mmtemperature range cpriceBuy Now
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RSpak JJ-50 4DPolyvinyl AlcoholQuaternary AmmoniumH₂O/CH₃CN (40/60)9.01.252 to 10>4,500100< 0.14.6 x 15010 to 60
RSpak JJ-50 2DPolyvinyl AlcoholQuaternary AmmoniumH₂O/CH₃CN (40/60)9.00.352 to 10>3,500100< 0.12.0 x 15010 to 60
RSpak NN-414PolyhydroxymethacrylateSulfo0.1 M Sodium phosphate buffer (pH 3.0)1.20.5102 to 12>6,000200< 0.54.6 x 15010 to 50
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