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Product Name counter ionin column solventparticle size umplate number tp columnseparation modesize i d x length mmtemperature range cexplanationfunctional groupion exchange capacity meq gmax pressure mpamax usable flow rate ml minph rangesalt conc mscope of applicationusable organic solvent concpore size average aexclusion limit pullulanrecommended flow ratepriceBuy Now
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SUGAR SP-G 6BPb2+H₂O10-(Guard column)6.0 x 50-------------
CXpak P-421S--6--4.6 x 15015 to 60For simultaneous analysis of amino acidsSulfo (Na+)4.350.73 <-Amino acid15%---
RSpak DC-613Na+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)6>5,500-6.0 x 15040 to 85---53.02 to 14< 0.5--100--
SUGAR SH1011H+H₂O6>17,000SEC+IEX8.0 x 300< 95---51.5-----1,0000.5 to 1.0
SUGAR SH1821H+H₂O6>17,000SEC+IEX8.0 x 300< 95---51.5-----10,0000.5 to 1.0
SUGAR SC1011Ca2+H₂O6>13,000SEC+LEX8.0 x 300< 95---41.5-----1,0000.5 to 1.0
SUGAR SP0810Pb2+H₂O7>11,000SEC+LEX8.0 x 300< 95---31.0-----1,0000.5 to 1.0
SUGAR SC1211Ca2+H₂O/CH₃CN (75/25)6>5,500N&R+LEX6.0 x 250< 95---41.0-------
SUGAR SZ5532Zn2+H₂O/CH₃CN (30/70)6>5,500N&R+LEX6.0 x 150< 80---42.0-------
SUGAR KS-801Na+H₂O6>17,000SEC+LEX8.0 x 300< 85---51.5-----1,000-
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