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Columns for GPC Cleanup

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Product Name in column solventmax pressure mpamax sample loadparticle size umpore size average arecommended flow ratesize i d x length mmusable eluentpriceBuy Now
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CLNpak EV-200H₂O2.50.2mL16300.052.0 x 150Acetone/cyclohexane=1/9 to 5/5 or
CLNpak EV-2000H₂O2.55mL16304.0 to 5.020.0 x 300-
CLNpak EV-2000 ACH₂O2.55mL16304.0 to 5.020.0 x 300-
CLNpak PAE-800H₂O4.0500micro-L(water:10%)54000.88.0 x 300-
CLNpak PAE-2000H₂O5.03000micro-L(water:10%)54003.520.0 x 300acetone, acetonitrile
CLNpak PAE-800 ACH₂O4.0500micro-L(water:10%)54000.88.0 x 300-
CLNpak PAE-2000 ACH₂O5.03000micro-L(water:10%)54003.520.0 x 300-
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